Welcome and thank you very much for visiting our site. This page is dedicated to help the toddler Amira fight the acute myeloid leukemia she’s been diagnosed with in March 2012.

You can read about Amiras life, her hometown and family, you can contact her and see who helped so far. You can get all the latest news about Amira’s journey to a healthy and happy life.

If you would like to be updated about the latest developments in Amira’s treatment and be at her side on the way to a full recuperation and subscribe right here on the left.

Contribute and leave your mark to help Amira to get through this very difficult time: To donate, please use the donation options we provide on almost all corners of this site.

Amira, her family and friends are grateful you came. Let’s help together, hope and pray that Amira’s second birthday, to be celebrated this summer, will be not her last one, but the first one on a journey to a happy and healthy life surrounded by her loving family!


2 thoughts on “Home

    • Heya Leyla, thanks for your honest feelings. We all are deeply sorry for what she will have to go through and is going through since March 19th. We hope Amira will understand one day it’s all for the happy ending of her story. It’s for Amira coming home happily to her family!

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