Amira’s Diagnosis

All of us do not in particular like to go to the doctors. Especially not with kids. We all enjoy, when they are healthy and happy. When they’re playing outside with their friends and we can hear them laugh. On the Crimea peninsula in Ukraine spring comes early, often it’s already warm in March. As if winter had stayed insider her Amira got sick and no recovery seemed in sight. Often tired, sometimes feverish, her state got worse each day. When her pediatrician had tried everything and had no more medical advice to the parents, he sent the family to hospital. Sadly, Amira had to stay:

On 19th of March 2012 our little Amiroshka was hospitalized in critical condition. For about a week, only our hopes and prayers kept her alive.

After many tests and endless inspections Amira has been diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia, AML, a disease killing its victims fast, if untreated.

It hit the family completely unexpected, out of the blue. Slowly, they started to read, learn and understand about AML. After looking up many medical terms and being reassured by Amira’s doctors, where she’s in good hands, everybody realized that there’s hope. Acute myeloid leukemia is curable. Amira can live.

In the first week at hospital her chemo therapy started:

 Her condition stabilized and now she’s on her long way to recovery.

…wrote the parents in one of their many letters and emails to friends and supporters. Many would have drawn back under the pressure of this devastating news. Some would have crashed. Amira’s family managed, not to remain passive and got in action. Together with friends and family from all over the world, they started this fundraiser. Because one thing is sure: Amira will not be able to make it alone. She needs our help.

Be with Amira on her way to recovery. Subscribe to our Newsletter on the left, visit her Facebook page where we’re all sending her flower images to hospital. Stay tuned on Twitter and pass on the call for help. Amira is in need. She’ll be grateful you came and did make the difference.


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