The Battle Continues

On 19th of April it has been exactly one month, since Amira’s family got the devastating news. Her little daughter Amira was diagnosed with leukemia. Since that day Amira is hospitalized in Simferopol, Crimea, Ukraine. Meantime, a team stretching across many countries in three continents is working on getting her back on track, her journey to recovery started!

On the 19th, we managed with the help of many to double the number of Facebook supporters in only one day! You can help here easily, each click, each like shows up on many pages of our supporters and the supporters’ friends and friends of friends’. Help spread the word, the more we are, the easier it will be!

The pledge reached as well an old friend of Amira’s family. Silveta lives in the UK and decided spontaneously to start a fundraiser for her friends toddler on My Charity Page. The money collected goes to 100% to Amira to reach her  goal, recovery. Silveta could collect already over 200€ in only a few days for Amira. Thank you, Silveta!

About 200€ have been raised as well already via PayPal. We’re glad you are spreading the word and making use of the various channels to help!

In Ukraine many helpers keep going to improve the situation for Amira and many other little patients with life threatening deseases. To give children with cancer or leukemia a chance to live, they raise money, work closely with the government, distribute funds and donated medicines and give advice and support. An interview with Nona Becherova about her charity work in Ukraine you can read  here.

We’re glad to announce to have since yesterday the German-Ukrainian Charity A right for Life (Ein Recht auf Leben e.V.)  on board. Their page is bilingual German / Ukrainian. This close knowledge of Ukraine enables them, to go the path of bureaucracy in Germany, collect all documents and proofs needed and access larger German aid resources and be eligible for tax purposes. We hope to be able to offer you via this official channel the option to donate with a tax receipt soon! The goals of this really well run charity you can find here.

Last not least we’re glad to announce our fundraiser being online. On betterplace you can pay directly for one day of chemo therapy. You can collect money in a group, with neighbours or at work, host a fundraiser and pay one month of chemotherapy. 100% of the money collected goes to Amira.
You can start your own supporters group here.
You can donate by credit card or via online payments on betterplace here.

Intensely helpful has proven to be the help of The American Association of Crimean Turks. They held a Mother’s Day Fundraising event for Amira in New York City and collected all the funds needed for about one month of chemo therapy. – THANK YOU!!

As always – please spread the word! Hit that Facebook  button there below! E-mail this post out! Yes, there’s a button for that as well!

I admire the help and support Amira found in this short time. I hope it will spread further.

For for Amira and all children, who are our future.


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