Beating Child Cancer: She’ll Celebrate her 2nd Birthday Tomorrow!

Amira turns two tomorrow, the 13th of June 2012. When she has been diagnosed in March this year, it was not clear if she will make it. Acute myleoid leukemia is a disease taking its victims fast and with a furious force.  We all hoped. We all fought. Many people from all over the world joined the battle and donated, held charity events and fundraisers for Amira, did spread the word and worked to make it possible.

And so far, it looks like we’re winning! – Amira’s condition stabilised.

Last weekend, for the first time in two months, Amira was allowed to come home and join her family. Her older brother got his sibling back, the parents and grandparents, who all live under one roof, will celebrate on the 13th of June Amira’s 2nd birthday.

We decided to join the celebrations. Make 13 Amira’s lucky number.  – What can you do?

    • Spread the word! Send this homepage to 13 friends, add a few personal words on how you found out about Amira and why you think it’s important to help! – You can use this short link to share the English page:
    • Strengthen the outreach Amira’s story has. Like Amira’s Facebook page and invite 13 friends to like it as well! – Besides: it will keep you updated on Amira’s recovery.
    • Ask 13 people to help. Inspiration for fundraising can be found here. Great people to approach are neighbours, colleagues, friends, a doctor in your suburb or neighbourhood or a small business who might want to support the cause
    • Last not least – Donate 13$  or 13×13$ right here by clicking the Donate button!

Make 13 Amira’s lucky number!  As by today, we also sent out a nice stack of documentation from Amira’s doctors as well as translated and legalized documents from Amira’s family to Berlin Hilft e.V. and Ein Recht auf Leben e.V. – Berlin Helps and A Right for Life, both registered German charities. Through Berlin Hilft and Ein Recht auf Leben we’re hoping to get soon eligible for tax-deductible donations. – An aspect very important for business owners who will hopefully join our cause. – The goal is to finish the 8 month of chemo therapy cycles as well as to find, fund and finish a much-needed bone marrow transplant after the chemo therapy has been completed.

Help Amira to enjoy and celebrate many more birthdays in her life! Make 13 Amira’s lucky number!


2 thoughts on “Beating Child Cancer: She’ll Celebrate her 2nd Birthday Tomorrow!

  1. I just shed a tear reading about your little girl fighting against leukemia. Beautiful girl, she must be so strong! And you as her family as well, cancer affects the whole family. My thoughts are with your family and little girl, hoping she’ll be ok.

    • Heya Evalina,
      I’m a close friend of the family and helping with the German and English translations and pages in order to try and help Amira get better. – We’re meeting on skype and on the contacts page you can find the address of the family to get in touch directly. – You’re very right: It DOES affect the entire family big time! In Amira’s case it’s especially her older brother, who suffers and parents and grandparents, coz normally they all live together – now with one family member in hospital there’s always an empty spot in house and hearts. – My own blog you’ll find on En ik praat ook een klijn beetje Nederlands. Ik zat daar op filmacademie een tijdje geleden 🙂

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