Amira’s Family

Amira’s dad Eskender was born in August 1980 in Samarkand, the ancient capital of  Tamerlane,

also known asTimur. Being the only brother between two sisters, he used to live in a house full of girls and grew up as the perfect father of a little Lady.

Eskender has a B.A. in economics and works for a car-retailer six days a week. Sunday is the free day of the week in Ukraine like in Europe and the US . The family than loves to spend time together, visit relatives, go to the park and relax.

Football is next to Eskender’s family his main passion. Whenever he can make it, he goes and watches the games of the local footballclub Tavria in Simfropol.

To sum him up, Peter the Great’s saying  Speak briefly, ask little, and don’t tarry!  will say a lot about Eskender and his outlook to life.

Amira’s mother Zarina was born in 1979 in Parkent, close to Tashkent, the famous old trading centre on the northern arm of the Silk Road. Zarina has an older brother, Ernest, now 38.

Zarina worked in the Ukraine fulltime as a police officer, before she took maternity leave with the birth of her first child, Amira’s brother Servér. Zarina loves her job and was serving the country in the police force in the rank of a major.

Since she’s a mother, Zarina has more time to follow her passion: cooking. She’s a splendid chef, celebrated by friends and family. Zarina is a strong woman. She told us:

God sends difficulties – but only to those who are able to overcome them.

Amira’s diagnosis was a deep and disturbing shock for Zarina shaking her life and almost breaking her apart. Luckily, Amira’s family has very strong bonds.

Reaching across countries  and continents, they are comforting each other, sending solace and support. Join the team and help fund Amira’s treatment.


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