Amira’s Home – Crimea, Ukraine

Amira’s  family lives in Crimea, Ukraine in a city called Simferopol. Eastern European tourists  already long loved the peninsula due to it’s very mild climate. Little by little Western visitors are discovering for themselves the exceptional hospitality of the people there. A long tradition in history and culture, untouched endless nature, beautiful shores, mild winters and warm summers shaped an atmosphere where visitors are welcome and find peace, listening with a glass of red wine to the sound or the waves of the Black Sea.

For the last three years Amira’s family is living here, in a small house in the outskirts of Simferopol. It’s still common here, that an entire family with several generations shares a home. People care for one another, families are close and their bonds are tightly woven. Amira and her brother are loving it to have Granpa and Grandma always at hand. – Even harder it is for everybody, when the family has to be apart, like now, with Amira in hospital.

Since mid March she’s already more at home in the Children’s Hospital Tytova Street 77, than with her family. Simferopol offers children thanks to a donation of a local Ukrainian donor a good basic care in the onco-hemathology of the Children’s Hospital Tytova Street. – Still: those doctors who know Western standards see the limitations in what they can offer their little patients in Simferopol.

Many life saving treatments cannot be done in Simferopol. Some not even in the capital of the Ukraine, Kiew, 800km away from Simferopol. The entire Crimea region offers no option to receive a life-saving bone-marrow transplant. A medical standard for Leukemia patients in Europe and the US.

There’s also no national health insurance in the Ukraine. The government, however, covers up to 50% of the cost of treatments, depending on severity of a desease. The current cost of chemotherapy, which Amira will need at least for another 8 months, add up to 6.000,-$/month. Given the average monthly income in the Ukraine is less than 500$, it’ll be just a matter of time to finish the savings of Amira’s family. When they can not find the 25.000,-$ missing to finish the therapy properly, the hospital will be forced to stop Amira’s treatment early.

Local aid organisations like Overcome  coordinate donation money coming in, collect medicine left over from other patients to keep cost low and help the patients families immensely. – Still: Local forces will not be able to fight this battle alone. We got to step in and help.

When Amira will be healthy home again, she will be able to enjoy the beauty of her home woth her family. Help and make it possible.

One day, people in the Ukraine will not need to ask for help any more. Amira is part of Crimea’s next generation. Crimea is a beautiful place and rich in possibilities. Information, holiday and travel tips about the Crimea you can find here and here.


One thought on “Amira’s Home – Crimea, Ukraine

  1. Hello, found your blog on accident. What a great article about this little girl. I hope you don’t mind that I’ve done a pingback for my readers to find her and what you are doing. I was looking for something other then the problems that are happening in Ukraine and Crimea. Yours spoke the loudest about real life. Anyway if you are interested come and visit hague6185.wordpress to see how I presented your blog. Thanks.

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