Amira’s Life

A child of summer and sunshine, Amira was born on the 13th of July 2010. Her sparkling blue eyes and shiny blonde hair took allhearts by storm, when she came home, her smile and laughing filled the house.

How could we have chosen another name than Amira, “princess” for our little treasure? She is our long awaited little girl.

Very curious from day one, Amira began to explore the world around her, discovered her little hands and feet, started crawling and took her first independent steps on her first birthday. Amira’s brother Servér, now 3½, loves his sister a lot. He loves to have a play-mate, she loves to run with him, cheer with him, explore all those machines, balls, bicycles and building blocks. They get along so well, it’s hard to separate them when they’re together. It’s hard for Servér to be without his little sister and he misses her greatly when she’s in the hospital. Thanks to Servér, Amira knows already  most of her letters. She loves to sing with her parents and grandparents and knows many of her favorite songs by heart. The latest song Amira learned, was a teen-chart-breaker: Shakira’s Loca Loca.

In the evening, we love to relax. Amira loves books. Only her favorite series “Masha and the Bears” is more enjoyable to her than listening to stories her mom or dad read to her. We all miss her each and every day and fear for her life. It’s hard to keep going. When she will be healthy again, we want to take her to the park where we used to go each weekend. She loves the trampolines and cars there and enjoys taking a sun bath.

When she will be healthy again – all those who know Amira are longing for this day to come. We all hope to see her running in the sun, chasing pigeons with a loud laugh again soon. We have a long way to go. Help us reach the destination!


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