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Do you prefer plain bank transaction? Please scroll down for Bank Account Details.

Your help and financial contribution will be used like this:

  • The cost for medicine of the chemo therapy that Amira has to undergo for 8 months, are about 6000$ / month. 50% of the cost are covered by the government of Ukraine. The remaining 3000$ / month must be covered by the patient’s  family. Given the average family income of a Ukrainian family lies at a mere 500$ / month your donation will help  finance Amira’s chemotherapy until it’s finished. Your donation will prevent an early, possibly life threatening end of Amira’s chemotherapy.
  • In Simferopol, a city with about 300.000 inhabintants, it’s not possible to do a bone-marrow transplant. Amira will need a bone marrow transplant as a life-saving additional therapy after her chemotherapy is finished. Your donation will help to fund Amira’s treatment in Berlin, made possible by the aid organization Berlin Hilft (Berlin Helps)


Intermediary bank:        JPMORGAN CHASE BANK, N.A., NEW YORK, USA

Swift:                                 CHASUS33


Swift:                                  RZBAATWW

Correspondent account: 70-55.086.938

Beneficiary’s bank:          JSB CLEARING HOUSE, KIEV, UKRAINE

Swift:                                  CLHSUAUX    

                                             (in favor  JSP CLEARING HOUSE, Simferopol branch

Beneficiary:                     Ablyamitov Eskender (passport EC 140521)

Beneficiary’s account:    29090105

Details of payment:         transfer of funds in favor Amira Ablyamitov 


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