Thank You

Here we’d like to thank you for all help Amira received so far:

  • Karl-Georg Wellmann, member of the German parliament from Berlin, and his organisation Berlin’s Helping (Berlin Hilft e.V.)  for the fast response and all new options, that possibly opening up for Amira due toBerlin’s Helping.
  • Predolenje (Overcome or in Ukrainian ПРЕОДОЛЕНИЕ, part of Swet Krimea – Свет Крыма,  local branch of Donor Ukraine) for advice, help assistance, supply donations and all the work done. Especially we’d like to thank Natalya Kostyuk.
  • Magdalena Melter of Freundeskreis Heidelberg-Simferopol for advice and leads
  • The platforms for  Crowd-Funding for Medical Expenses for the option to participate in this exceptional case, even though Amira is based outside the US. Especially we’d like to thank Giveforward to be able to collect donations for Amira.
  • All donors from deep of our hearts for your generous donations.

We thank you!

Amira’s Family – all the Ablyamitovs
Your Key-Fundraising-Team from Germany, Israel, the US and the Ukraine.


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