The Fundraising Team

Currently the key fundraiser team is spread across three continents and countries:

Ruslan Ablyazov from Tel Aviv. Father of a son, happily married and sous-chef by trade. Eskender, Amira’s dad, and Ruslans are first cousins. Ruslan found his wife in Simferopol and comes visiting once a year, if his work and family permits. He knows Amira from when she was born and is planning to see her soo again during a hospital visit.

Sanne Kurz, filmmaker from Munich. Close friends with Ruslan she only ever met Amira on Skype. Mother of two healthy kids she hopes to be able to pay some of the luck back, that her family enjoys. She came on board of the fundraiser team when shooting in Tel Aviv, during a Shabbat dinner.

Eskender Ablyamitov, Amira’s dad. The diagnosis was life changing for him and shook up all he lived for. He decided to take action and started to spread the word. Next to his full time employment he’s trying to balance now running this fundraiser as well as being a father to Amira’s brother Servér and a husband to his wife Zarina.
Of great help was Overcome. A local charity organisation and branch of the Ukrainian-wide aid network Donor.


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